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best triathlon wetsuits

Best Triathlon Wetsuits Reviewed & Compared

Triathlons are intense races that involve 3 stages, one of which is swimming. Instead of having 3 different outfits, triathlon wetsuits aim to give you everything you need in one suit. The best triathlon wetsuits will be flexible, meet the requirements for thickness, and allow you to not get overheated. […]

leg workouts

Leg Workouts – Tips & Advice

In the world of working out and exercise in general, many of us like to focus on the upper body. The biceps and shoulders, and chest get the most visibility and tend to be more gratifying to build up. Although there is nothing wrong with working out the upper body […]

Dumbbells VS Kettlebells – Which is Right For You?

Workout rooms in basements and full-on professional gyms are full of gadgets and weights and many tools which are used to reach our fitness goals. If you visit any well-known gym today you will see kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, exercise balls, resistance bands, and much more. Dumbbells VS kettlebells are […]