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slam ball exercises

Slam Ball Exercises to Burn More Calories

You might notice gyms are being equipped with more accessories and equipment to help make your workout sessions even better. There are machines and accessories to work your entire body from any angle. Slam balls are typically on a shelf at the gym, but unfortunately, they go unnoticed a lot. […]

vertical climber exercises image

Vertical Climber Exercises

People everywhere are becoming more and more concerned about their weight these days. You might be wondering, “What cardio machine will burn the most fat?” The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. However, research suggests there might be a winning fat-burning machine out there, and surprise! It’s […]

leg workouts

Leg Workouts – Tips & Advice

In the world of working out and exercise in general, many of us like to focus on the upper body. The biceps and shoulders, and chest get the most visibility and tend to be more gratifying to build up. Although there is nothing wrong with working out the upper body […]

Dumbbells VS Kettlebells – Which is Right For You?

Workout rooms in basements and full-on professional gyms are full of gadgets and weights and many tools which are used to reach our fitness goals. If you visit any well-known gym today you will see kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, exercise balls, resistance bands, and much more. Dumbbells VS kettlebells are […]

How To Train At Home

Why Start Training at Home? Training at home is something that will require some self-discipline, due to all the distractions you will find in your house. In contrast, when you go to the gym the area is set up specifically for working out, and you will not find toys or […]