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Best Massage Guns For Knots & Deep Tissue Massage

Self-care is a growing part of everyone’s training routine and the need for personal massagers has been steadily rising over the past decade. Having the best massage gun nowadays is considered a must for people that go through extreme workouts or have a hard-hitting everyday life. But what exactly defines […]

Timtam gun

TimTam Power Massager Pro Review

In the world of sports rehabilitation, massage guns have always been vastly underestimated and overlooked mainly because they were pretty weak and cheaply build up until a few years ago. Companies like TimTam, however, changed that forever. Nowadays, you can see a TimTam massage gun in almost every massage studio […]


Legiral Le3 Massage Gun Review

The Legiral Massage Gun offers one of the best values for your money out there if you are looking for a practical all-in-one massager. It is highly functional, potent, and comes with all the necessary accessories to enhance your recovery process. Thanks to its low price, excellent performance, and long […]

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Mebak 3 Muscle Massage Gun Review

In the world of portable massagers, there are a few factors that define what a good model really is. Those are practicality, ease of use, percussion properties, and above all – affordability. While some models push the price tag higher and higher with each year, others remain affordable and try […]


Echanfit Foldable Indoor Rower Review

When looking for the best rowing machine for a small apartment, people often have the same few criteria. The machine must be comfortable, fairly practical in its dimensions, well-priced, and above all – quiet. The noise that rowing machines produce is often overlooked but people living in smaller spaces really […]

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Agility Ladder Drills and Workouts

When you start looking for alternative ways to build up your endurance, speed, or dexterity, the agility ladder should be one of your first choices. They are great for working out your whole body as well as vastly improving your coordination and well… agility. Finding the best agility ladder drills […]