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Leg Extension and Curl Exercises

Working out your legs is not everyone’s favorite part of their workouts. Sadly, most people spend more time on their upper body and biceps, pecs, etc. However, your legs and lower body are the load-bearing part of your body, and it should be your primary focus to keep your legs […]

Punching Bag Workouts & Routines

So, you have a punching bag and are ready to actually use it to its full potential. This is great news because punching bag workouts and routines can provide hours of fun and so many benefits to your body. It is simple to understand the basics of using a punching […]

Best Swim Exercises and Workouts

Swimming is one of the most beneficial of all sports for your body. Being in the water makes swimming a low impact and low-stress activity. Because your body weighs much less in the water, and you are not carrying your weight, there is very little stress on your joints and […]

slam ball exercises

Slam Ball Exercises to Burn More Calories

You might notice gyms are being equipped with more accessories and equipment to help make your workout sessions even better. There are machines and accessories to work your entire body from any angle. Slam balls are typically on a shelf at the gym, but unfortunately, they go unnoticed a lot. […]

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Vertical Climber Exercises

People everywhere are becoming more and more concerned about their weight these days. You might be wondering, “What cardio machine will burn the most fat?” The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. However, research suggests there might be a winning fat-burning machine out there, and surprise! It’s […]

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Best Vertical Climbers (Update for 2021)

If you’re like most of today’s population, you might be in the market for a workout machine to add to your home gym. Have you considered looking into a vertical climber? Most people turn to machines including treadmills, ellipticals, or even exercise bikes. But a climbing machine might just be […]