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Best Protein Shaker Bottles for Your Post-Workout Drink – Top Models for 2020

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Protein shakes have been the backbone of the modern fitness world and the thing that goes hand in hand with them is the shaker in which you prepare them. But what are the features that you need to be looking for in the best protein shaker bottles on the market and what are the major differences between some of the tops models for 2020? Well, in this guide, we will discuss all the latest shaker bottles, put them side to side, and dive deeper into the individual features that define what a good shaker is.

First, let’s start with a brief overview of the top products I’ve selected and see how they stack up against each other in the following comparison chart…

BlenderBottle ProStak Bottle

Our Rating: (5/5)

The BlenderBottle ProStak is one of the most famous shaker bottles out there for a few very good reasons – it is well-made, budget-friendly, and quite practical. Apart from the price, people get this shaker due to its convenient size, well-working whisk, and the twist n’lock storage compartment that is perfect for powders and pills.

The bottle is made out of BPA- and Phthalate-free plastics which are quite resistant to temperature changes and sunlight. That makes the bottle good both for indoor fitness and outdoor activities. To add on top of that, it is also dishwasher safe which takes the pain away from having to hand-wash your shaker after each workout. The cap is quite durable and well-thought-out with a few unique features. First of all, it is leak-proof, and secondly, it comes with a loop for a string or for you to keep your keys in. The opening of the cap is also quite wide, making drinking from the bottle quite easy.

At the bottom of the bottle, you have a 150cc jar that comes with a removable space-saving pill organizer on the inside. Both of these are compatible with the twist and lock system of the Blender Bottle and you can stack as many of these storage compartments as you want. Have in mind that you only get one container with the rest being sold separately. Inside the bottle, you also have a wire whisk which helps with the mixing process. The Blender Bottle comes in 14 different color options and the company also has other models that have their own set of pros and cons including an Insulated metal version of the ProStak.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Leak-proof
  • 22 oz capacity
  • Comes in 14 colors
  • Good build quality
  • Comes with a storage compartment
  • Has a metal whisk


  • No larger option
  • The compartments often have factory deffects
  • The lid is prone to cracking if not handled properly

ShakeSphere Tumbler Protein Shaker Bottle

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

While a bit more expensive, the ShakeSphere Tumbler is extremely practical, very well-built, and has a few unique features that set it apart from most of the premium competition.

The most important feature of this particular shaker bottle is its inner shape. The pill-shaped interior leaves no corners or edges that can trap your powder and let it stick there without mixing with the liquid. This has its own set of advantages and maybe one or two disadvantages. The main pros of this design are that you don’t need a whisk, grid, or any other mixing mechanism for the shaker bottle to work well with your protein shake. Additionally, it is much easier to clean. On that note, you can also put this bottle in the dishwasher as it is safe to use there. Still, other shapes allow for larger internal volume which isn’t a huge issue here but the shaker could’ve been smaller with a similar capacity. At the top, you have an oversized leak-proof thread for the lid that is very easy to grip even when the bottle or your hands are wet. There is also an adjustable finger loop and a silicone slide cap that does a great job of sealing the drinking hole.

The ShakeSphere comes in 4 different color options which all have 24.6 fl oz capacity. This is more than most traditional shaker bottles out there, allowing you to prepare larger shakes. As a whole, at this price point, there are quite a lot of premium competitors each with their own unique functionality but the Tumbler by ShakeSphere definitely takes the prize for being unique and practical.


  • Unique design
  • Doesn’t require a whisk
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak-proof thread
  • Silicone slide cap
  • Adjustable finger loop
  • Good internal volume


  • Quite expensive
  • Long-term durability isn’t great

Grenade Shaker Bottle

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Grenade Shaker Bottle is an average-sized option that has a large storage compartment and a unique way to store your pills. The main advantage of this bottle is that it is tougher than most other shaker bottles out there for this price. The plastics are thicker than normal and are still DEHP and BPA-free. They are a bit harder than normal, though, which can make the bottle prone to breaking if dropped on a hard surface. The shaker is also safe to use in a microwave, freezer, or dishwasher, further proving its name and reputation. The cap is leak-proof and seals the opening well.

At the bottom of the grenade shaker bottle, you have a removable storage compartment that can fit more than two protein servings. Another unique place where you can store your BCAA or another type of pills is the bottle’s cap which has a hidden compartment that can hold up to 4 pills. The main bottle has a 20oz capacity which is more than enough for your post-workout shake. In terms of mixing your drink, the inner grid is good but the holes on it can sometimes be far too small for some powders, leaving them clogged and hard to clean if you hand-wash the bottle.

The Grande shaker bottle comes in 4 unique color options without having any additional size options. Price-wise, this is one of the best-priced shaker bottles out there and is on par with some of the budget shakers while maintaining a premium build quality. Honestly, for the money, this is one of your best bets.


  • Very competitively priced
  • Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave-friendly
  • Unique design
  • Large storage compartment
  • Leak-proof
  • 20 oz volume


  • Tends to build up odors
  • The mixing grid is hard to wash by hand
  • Durability isn’t stellar

Ice Shaker Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Ice Shaker Stainless Steel insulated water bottle takes a different approach to your workout beverages. Unlike other plastic shaker bottles, this one is made out of stainless steel and can keep cold drinks for up to 30 hours and hot ones for quite a lot of time as well. The total volume of the bottle is also fairly higher than the market’s average at 26 fl oz.

Aside from the stainless steel body, the top is made out of BPA-free leak-proof plastic. It can be opened even when you’re using and shaking the bottle without you worrying to spill your drink. Around the cap, there is a retractable handle which is there for added convenience when you’re carrying the shaker bottle around. The stainless steel and plastics do not absorb odors like other cheaper shaker bottles tend to do and they are also safe to wash in a washing machine. Another unique feature is that the exterior of the bottle is sweat-proof and doesn’t leave any wet marks on your hands or the table you’ve put it on. The bottle also comes with an agitator on the inside which helps with mixing various powders. It is twisted to the cap to stay in place when you’re shaking the bottle. Another useful feature is that the bottom of the bottle fits most car cup holders.

The shaker bottle comes in two different colors with two additional band colors. All upsides aside, this shaker is significantly more expensive than other bottles on the market which is its main disadvantage. Still, if you like having a cold drink without the inconvenience of a sweaty and slippery bottle, this is one of the best products for this purpose on the market.


  • Can keep drinks cold for a long time
  • Kitchen-grade stainless steel construction
  • Double-layer walls
  • Doesn’t sweat up
  • Comes with a twist-on agitator
  • Retractable carry handle
  • Leak-proof cap


  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t agitate powders very well

JoyShaker Protein Shaker Bottle

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Jumping from the smaller shaker bottles to this one might seem way too drastic, especially since the JoyShaker Water Bottle has a capacity of 83 oz. While it isn’t specifically designed for protein shakes, this bottle is excellent to keep your hydration game on point. It can fit most of the liquids most athletes need for the training part of their day. Even better, you can mix that well with various isotonic powders that will keep your body full of the necessary elements to stay healthy.

Unlike other bigger bottles, though, this one is made with a lot more plastic in it, making the walls quite harder and more durable. Additionally, there is a silicone seal that stands between the neck of the bottle and the cap. This leak-prooves the bottle and works in combination with the silica gel on the inside of the cap. The bottle is impact-resistant and also durable in high temperatures. It also doesn’t build up odors over time, making it ideal for post-workout protein shakes. The plastic here is semi-transparent and BPA-free, like most other models on the market.

Inside your package, you are getting the bottle, a shaker ball, one spoon, and a brush. As with most other models, you need to wash it well before using it for the first time. Unlike most other models, though, there aren’t any additional color or size options, which isn’t great. Still, the deal you get here is one of the best out there considering the volume of this bottle.


  • Very cheap
  • Very durable construction
  • Two silica gel seal rings
  • Odor-free
  • Ideal for athletes
  • Has a comfortable handle


  • No size or color options
  • Hard to carry around when full
  • Not ideal for small shake sizes
  • A bit harder to clean

Rubbermaid Shaker Cup

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Shaker bottle companies nowadays try all sorts of unique strategies to mix powders in the best way possible and to also stand out from the competition. This is what makes the Rubbermaid Shaker Cup unique as well. It has a mixing paddle ball that has no equivalent on the market and truly makes for a lot of gazes in the gym.

The materials here are fairly durable and feel premium. The main body of the bottle is made out of BPA-free plastic called Tritan. The lid is a mix of plastic and rubber with a twist cap. At the top, there is a wide mouth that allows you to put powders or ice cubes inside the cup without having to remove the whole cap. That same turn and screw cap is actually one of the weak points of this bottle since it easily allows for leaks to happen.

The mixing ball has 5-sides or paddles as the company calls them. When you start shaking the bottle, this paddled mixing ball starts spinning and mixes the powder with any liquid quite efficiently. Thanks to the wide spread of those paddles, it is also relatively easy to clean compared to some metal whisks out there. The bottle comes in 5 different colors depending on the size you choose. The 20 oz version comes in purple, black, crab king, and laguna blue, while the 28 oz bottle comes in purple and black only.


  • Unique color combinations
  • Durable construction
  • Has a 28 oz option
  • Good for smoothies
  • Rubber finger loop


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Doesn’t have a storage compartment for powders of pills
  • Prone to leaking

Crsure Portable Blender Cup

Our Rating: (4/5)

While most other blend bottles take the traditional approach of having a mixing whisk or another type of mechanism that helps with your mixing process, some brands like CRSure take a more technological approach. This particular shaker bottle comes with a rechargeable cortex mixer that is extremely efficient at mixing powders in your beverage of choice.

The body of this blender is made out of the traditional food-grade BPA and DEHP-free plastics you see in other shaker bottles. The cap features a similar design to all those other models as well. The differences come when you look below the main body. That’s where the twist-on battery bank stays. The bottom of the blender has a few unique features that set it apart from other electric blender cups. First of all, it recharges using a USB-A port instead of being battery-powered. Additionally, it has a non-slip mat and an on/off button that controls the stainless steel blades. What’s even better is that the USB port works both ways and the power base can be used to recharge other devices like smartphones.

At the top, there is a carry handle on the cap. The cap itself is leak-proof and quite reliable when you’re mixing different drinks or smoothies. The blender isn’t very powerful and it can’t cut through vegetables and fruits like a normal kitchen smoothie blender but it is more than capable of mixing various powders with water or milk. In fact, when it comes to properly blend your protein shake, this is perhaps the best way to do it without tearing a ligament in your shoulder from all the shaking. Still, there is one major downside to this bottle which is its price. On top of that, it is also bulkier and heavier than other bottles but thanks to its low center of gravity it is quite stable.


  • Fast protein shake blending
  • Charges other devices
  • Easy to use
  • Fairly large volume
  • Has a carry handle
  • Food-grade materials
  • Excellent for protein shakes and smoothies


  • Very expensive
  • Needs to be recharged often
  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • A bit heavy

Performa Perfect Shaker

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Performa Perfect Shaker is a bottle that I wanted to include on this list due to its unique mixing mechanism that, according to most people, is one of the best out there. The metal whisk here is connected to a plastic rod that goes all the way up to the cap where it is stationary attached. This whole mechanism is called the Actionrod and is the centerpiece of this otherwise decent shaker bottle.

During the mixing process, your agitator and rod will create a motion that will collide with the liquid harder than just having a mixing whisk/ball or a grid. This allows for a smoother mixing in less time. It also reduces the chance of powder sticking to the walls of your shaker bottle. In terms of the bottle itself, it is made out of BPA-free semi-transparent plastics and has a traditional footprint both in terms of size and internal volume. It isn’t as big as some other large protein shakers, though, which is a huge advantage for people that are looking for a smaller bottle that can easily fit in their gym bag. The top part is easy to remove and is fairly stable when twisted on. The cap is also fairly reliable when not rocked too hard but it is known to leak if the bottle is left full in a bag.

There are no color options here but price-wise this shaker is quite affordable even despite its unique blending mechanism.


  • Fairly cheap
  • BPA-free plastics
  • Unique Actionrod mixing mechanism
  • Compact footprint
  • Shatter-resistant construction
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Tends to leak when full
  • Not big enough for some protein beverages
  • The top part can feel a bit cheap

Gabor Fitness PRO Sports OCTO Shaker Bottle

Our Rating: (4/5)

Last on this list is the Gabro Fitness PRO Sports OCTO Mixer Shaker Bottle. It is also the cheapest option on this list and offers a lot of advantages but also a few main disadvantages. Let’s start with the pros first…

One of the best things for this shaker bottle is that it comes with two additional dry compartments that use a screw mechanism to stick to the bottom of the main body of the bottle. The main powder compartment is 6 oz in total volume and the second compartment is meant for pills and is divided in three portions. The compartments have an additional cap if you want to carry them separately which is good attention to detail. The top part of the bottle screws onto the bottle relatively well but some users report having leaks from it when not screwed properly and when the bottle is full. The cap is also fairly average in its sealing properties and can become loose after a lot of shaking.

Everything here is made out of BPA-free plastics, including the inner mixing grid. That same grid is removable but isn’t very easy to clean as well as all other parts since nothing here is rated to be dishwasher-safe. As a whole, this shaker bottle checks a lot of boxes while also managing to stay extremely cheap but don’t expect stellar build quality out of it.


  • Extremelly cheap
  • Comes with two compartments
  • Mixes powders fairly well
  • Small footprint
  • Ideal for people taking many supplements


  • Poor build quality
  • Tends to leak
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Protein Shakers Buyer’s Guide

In order to be able to select the best possible shaker bottle for your needs, you first need to learn more about the shakers out there as well as the features that define how good they are.

Types of Shakers

There are quite a few ways in which you can categorize modern protein shaker bottles but nowadays the market is mainly divided into normal (manual) bottles and battery-powered ones. The main advantage of battery-powered protein shaker bottles is that they mix your beverage without you having to shake them. This ensures a good-enough mix but has its own setbacks. For once, the shaker bottle weighs significantly more due to the battery placed at its bottom. Furthermore, you will have to charge it quite frequently, and there are some potential complications and issues connected to the mixing mechanism that can occur at any time. They are also far more expensive. Still, there are people that like them primarily for their tip-proof nature since the bulk of the weight is located at the bottom.


The main features that you need to be paying attention to when buying a new shaker bottle are the following:

  • Sealing
  • Capacity & Dimensions
  • Mixing system
  • Materials used
  • Compartments
  • Additional features

Now, there are a few others that aren’t as crucial to the overall performance of the shaker but some people like picking based on them as well. For instance, the color of the bottle is important for people who train in large groups and want to easily distinguish their bottle from the rest in the gym. Additionally, some people love having a keychain or at least a carabiner for their keys at the top of the shaker. That allows you to keep your keys close when working out in the gym without any fear of losing them.


For a shaker bottle to be practical and bag-safe it needs to have good and tight sealing. The most important thing for a shaker is to be leak-proof. This will prevent any leaks when you’re traveling with it or when you’re shaking the bottle to mix your protein better. Some bottles rely on rubber seals around their caps while others have special types of caps that shut neatly and don’t allow any liquid to go out.

Capacity & Dimensions

The biggest mistake people make is buying a smaller bottle than they actually need. A good rule of thumb is to always get a bottle that is 5 oz bigger than your typical pre- or post-workout beverage. For instance, don’t get a 15 oz bottle for a 13 oz drink since you will most likely spill your protein powder everywhere. If you’re getting it mostly for protein shakers, the more is always the better, unless you want to keep the bottle small and practical. Larger shaker bottles also work great for smoothies and for those times that you want to put a few additional ingredients to your shake.

Dimensions-wise, make sure that your shaker will fit your gear bag (or pocket). If you also want to take it hiking or at university, make sure that it is an adequate size to be portable enough while still functional.

Mixing system

Most modern shaker bottles come with a mixing ball inside. This ball ensures that there are no dry lumps of powder left unmixed when you start drinking. Other bottles have fixed plastic nets/grills that break up everything that passes through them. These are ideal when you’re putting the powder after the liquid but won’t perform well if the powder is at the bottom before you pour the liquid. This is why most people prefer a mixing ball. These balls are also easier to wash and keep clean.

Materials used

Ideally, you’d want to get your shaker bottle made out of stainless steel. However, these are a bit heavier and much more expensive. This is why most people often opt for plastic shaker bottles. These are lightweight, cheap, and often cool-looking. When looking for plastic bottles, though, make sure they are made out of BPA-free plastic. Additionally, you can also look for models that are safe to be washed in a dishwasher. Some plastic bottles tend to build-up nasty odors over time so make sure you maintain them properly.


The compartments of your shaker bottle are going to be very important if you want to have a place to store your powders or pills for your pre- or post-workout needs. Most stainless steel shaker bottles don’t have additional compartments which is a huge downside. Plastic ones, however, typically have one or two compartments that are screwed to the bottom of the bottle. Some compartments are separated into 2 or 3 smaller compartments for better pill management. If you have a lot of different supplements that you take before and after your workout, you should look for shakers with 3 additional compartment cups.

Additional features

The main features that define how convenient a shaker is are a place where you can attach your keys and a loop that allows you to carry the shaker easily or even attach it to your gym bag. Another additional feature that is cool to have is a lockable cap.

Benefits of using a Protein Shaker

While some upsides of protein bottles are fairly obvious, it is still good to mention all the benefits that you get by buying a dedicated protein shaker bottle…

  • They are highly portable
  • They provide a good mixing environment for your pre- and post-workout supplements
  • Most shaker bottles are easier to clean and are built specifically to deal with protein powders
  • New shaker bottles don’t contain the harmful chemicals most other bottles do
  • They don’t cost much
  • Can be doubled as coffee mugs and water bottles on outdoor trips or work
  • Can be used for other types of beverages liked ice coffee or smoothies

If you’re interested in foods that promote post-workout fat loss, make sure you visit my full article on the topic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a protein shaker bottle?

Shaker bottles are, of course, not mandatory for you to have but if you want to have a single place where you can easily mix your pre- or post-workout drinks, this is your best bet. These bottles are equipped with various mixing aids that help mix the powdery substance with the liquid you drink it with. Moreover, most modern bottles have smaller containers at their bottom that allow you to safely store your amino acids, protein powder, or other supplements.

How to clean my shaker bottle?

While the universal hot water and soap method is good for all shaker bottles out there, you still need to consult the user guide of the bottle you’ve bought. One thing to note is that most bottles aren’t dishwasher safe and can be damaged by the temperatures and detergents uses inside those machines. Here are the steps to a very cool method that can take care of even the dirtiest shaker bottle:

  • Mix baking soda with water and white vinegar
  • Add that mix to the shaker bottle by filling it up to the top
  • Let it stay like that for 24 hours
  • Rinse

Additionally, you can use ground coffee beans (a few) to remove the bad scents that build up over time. Also, always store your protein shaker with its cap open.

Is it okay to drink more than 1 protein shake a day?

Depending on your exercising intensity, your body might need more protein than you can supply through regular meals. In these cases, drinking more than one protein shake is a good short-term solution. Still, protein shakes aren’t meant to replace a healthy and diverse diet, so make sure you only use them on days when your body is in need of more calories and protein building blocks.

Why do protein shakers tend to build up bad odors?

Protein powders, in their core, are refined animal or plant-based protein which, when degraded, smell very bad. Not cleaning your bottle properly can lead to a residue smell that will be hard to get rid of. This is why you need to always wash your bottle after you’re done using it at the end of the day.

Final Words

Finding the best protein shaker bottles isn’t going to be easy, especially with the large abundance of fairly similar models out there. Still, there are a few major features that you should emphasize on. For starters, the bottle should be fully leak-proof. Additionally, look for bottles with good mixing tools and additional departments for you to keep your supplements in. Keyholders, measurement scales, and other additional features can add value to your purchase but aren’t mandatory.