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Are Gyms Safe? The Essential Role of Training in Our Mental Health

It is common to wonder if it is safe to go to the gym. There are many possible ways to become injured there, and the possibility of running into some creepy creeper at the gym is real. There are good reasons to fear the gym, but there are better reasons not to. Let’s tackle this right now!

Bad Things to Fear at the Gym

Germs- There is no question that there are many germs on the equipment at the gym. People’s sweaty hands are touching almost every surface and piece of equipment. This is indisputable, it is a place with lots of germs.

Muscle Injury- The equipment at the gym is there for you to get healthy, of course. However, if used incorrectly you can hurt your muscles by taking on something that is above your current strength level. For example, you may try to deadlift too much weight and injure your back. There is no doubt that you can hurt your muscles if you do something wrong.

Smashed Toes or Fingers- This is a real fear because this happens quite often. The equipment at gyms is heavy because it is mostly mechanical structures with weights attached. If a finger gets between the weights it can easily get smashed leading to an emergency room visit and stitches. Toes can also be smashed if free weights fall on them.

Falling and Hurting Yourself- Treadmills can sometimes get going fast and it is possible to lose your grip and fall down, this is scary. Stair steppers and walking machines can also be dangerous if you lose your balance and fall. There is a real risk of falling when visiting the gym because lots of equipment is moving under your feet and keeping your balance can become difficult.

Overexertion and Passing Out- Becoming out of breath when working out too hard is a common thing. You can get in the groove of a certain exercise and lose track of how you feel. You may become lightheaded and dizzy and pass out, falling and injuring yourself. This is not a good situation to find yourself in and can be quite terrifying.

Encountering a Creepy or Dangerous Person- Local gyms can be well-known spots for people to try to pick up dates, which can attract some greasy people. If you are a shy or solitary person, going to the gym may be scary because of the possibility of being followed or otherwise ‘messed with’ by a creepy person. This is a possibility, but as you will see later it is no reason to avoid going to the gym!

Why Going to The Gym Is Essential For Your Physical and Mental Health

Going to the gym and working out in a space with other people is good for your health. Mentally and physically working out and exercising is proven to help you look and feel better. Although there are scary things at the gym, and things that could go wrong and cause injury, you should still consider it a safe place to go.

Exercise and Working Out Decreases Stress

It is well known that physically moving around and getting your muscles moving and blood flowing has positive effects on your stress level. Important beneficial chemicals are released by exercise which influences your mental stress level as well as the stress you carry in your muscles. If you are feeling particularly stressed out you should consider a trip to the gym for a quick workout, especially with a good friend.

Going to the Gym Increases Self Esteem and Confidence

Regular trips to the gym have been proven to increase self-confidence and esteem. Knowing that you are working toward your fitness goals helps to make you feel better about where you are in life. Seeing the results of the hard work you are putting in (like bigger muscles or tighter abs) makes you feel better about your appearance which in turn makes you more confident.

Regular Workouts Give You Better Sleep

Working out increases your body temperature and tires out your muscles. This will have a calming effect on your mind. A calm mind and tired muscles lead to falling asleep faster and having more intense sleep when you do fall asleep. This is so well known that it is common for people with insomnia to run around the block a few times before bed.

Exercising at the Gym Helps with Depression and Anxiety

The social aspect of the gym is good for your feeling of well being and belonging. It is always best to go with a buddy not only for safety reasons but also for the social aspect. It is a scientifically proven mood booster to engage in exercise activities. These activities produce endorphins which are the chemicals that make you feel good. The more you exercise the better you feel and the better you feel the less depressed or anxious you are.

Workouts Make You Smarter

Not only does working out literally build your intelligence level, but it will also strengthen your memory. Cardio exercise creates brand new brain cells. This is called neurogenesis and it improves your overall brain functionality. The more you exercise the smarter you get. This is also true with animals.

Summary- Gyms are Not Safe, But You Should Still Go

Technically, gyms are not safe. As you have seen there are truly a lot of ways you can get hurt there. Although that is the case, you can also use common sense to keep yourself safe. Be careful, watch where your hands are, use hand sanitizer for germs, wipe down equipment, and do not push your body too hard. Go with a buddy so you are not alone in case there is a creepy creeper there. The benefits of going to the gym far outweigh the dangers. Just be smart and remember how much good you are doing for your body when you visit your local gym.