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Best Punching Bag for Home Training, MMA, Boxing, or Fun

With so many of us spending more time at home these days, home gyms and workout rooms have become commonplace. The usual equipment like weight benches and treadmills can provide strength training and cardio, but for a unique cathartic workout, punching bags are the way to go. There are several styles and types of punching bags to meet different space requirements and skill levels and trying to choose one can be difficult and time-consuming. Because of the relatively low cost and high value you get from a punching bag, they are becoming quite popular. If you have been considering getting one but are not sure which is the best punching bag, keep reading!

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Best Overall Value Punching Bag- FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag 70”-205lbs with Boxing Gloves Heavy Boxing Bag with Suction Cup Base for Adult Youth Kids – Men Stand Kickboxing Bag for Home Office

The Fitven Freestanding Punching Bag is the kind of bag that sits on the floor on top of a base. This is a common format you will see when you start researching punching bags. It has springs inside the base which allow the bag to respond to being hit, and spring back to the center position. It has dual PVC shock absorbers and 4 springs inside the base which help to reduce the noise of the springs squeaking when the bag is being used.

It weighs 205 pounds total, so it is not a small lightweight bag like some others you may come across. It has a multilayer cover on the bag which is strong and will not easily rip over years of use. The layers are Leather, foam, Fabric buffer layer, and encased steel tube. This model comes in two different varieties, rubber shock absorption and spring shock absorption which are selectable at checkout.


  • Comes with gloves- This is a complete set, including the bag, the base, and a pair of gloves you can use to get started right away. One-time investment and you will have all you need to start training at home.
  • Full-Size Freestanding Design- The bag is 70 inches tall, giving you a full range of body movement. You can use it for knees, kicks, elbows, or punches. Some punching bags are just a small ball, this is full size to allow you to train your entire body.
  • Shock absorbing- It is outfitted with either spring or rubber shock-absorbing systems inside the base. When you kick or punch the bag, it will respond by coming back to the center for the next strike.
  • Stable Base- The base is not only heavy, but it has suction cups to stick to any solid floor, making it more stable and less likely to slip or move during use.
  • Durable- Constructed with multiple layers, the bag will withstand years of abuse. It has a stainless steel stand and 4 layers covering the bag itself.


  • High-quality product- It is well made and will last a long time.
  • Quiet operation- The shock absorption system keeps it silent during operation.
  • Comes with gloves- This saves some money in the long run.
  • Excellent value for money- It is not cheap, but for the money spent, it is worth it.


  • Big heavy bag not suitable for kids or small spaces


The Fitven freestanding bag is the best overall punching bag for most people. It is constructed with high-quality materials and is well built. It has quiet operation due to the special shock system installed in the base, which is nice when you don’t like the annoying sounds of springs that some other bags in this price range produce. Like other bags of this format, it is tall and heavy, so it is not going to be convenient to move around or fit in a small space. If you are ready to make an investment in your training and you have an area where this beast will fit nicely, it is an excellent choice to make for the money.

Best Punching Bag With Stand- Protocol Punching Bag with Stand – for Adults & Kids – Punching Bag with Stand Plus Boxing Gloves – Adjustable Height Stand – Standard Punching Bag, Red

The Protocol Punching Bag with Stand is a simple ball-style bag attached to a disc-shaped stand you can fill with sand or water to keep it stable. There is nothing too fancy here, but it is the design and function of the setup that works so well for so many people that get this bag onto the top list. Not only is it affordable but it is well-loved and has almost 6000 reviews at the time of this writing.

It is an inflatable ball that comes with the pump and a pair of boxing gloves as well. It comes with the base of course which you can fill with sand to add weight. The pole that the bag attaches to has a spring where the pole meets the base to allow movement in all directions while bringing the bag back to the center after each strike. It is not a very large setup and should be able to fit comfortably in most rooms or garages without too many issues.


  • All in one- Comes with everything you need to get started. Stand, base, bag, pump, and gloves.
  • Easy set up- Simple to set up and not too heavy or large.
  • Good for beginners- Because it is so simple to use and understand, it will be a good fit for most beginners.


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple
  • Relatively small
  • Works for all skill levels


  • Not challenging enough for experienced fighters


The Protocol bag with a stand is the best punching bag with a stand for most people. The fact that it comes with everything you need (even the pump) is a big plus considering most people getting into training at home are probably not going to have boxing gloves or a pump laying around. It is not the most professional-looking setup with the plastic base, but it does the job well and is strong and affordable. It is a great option for anyone looking to get into MMA or boxing training at home, especially if you don’t have a lot of space or a ton of money. It may not be great if you are already very strong and will be throwing extremely hard punches, it is not really super heavy duty for pros.


Best Hanging Punching Bag- Figolo Punching Bag Professional Adult & Entry Level Sandbag Set, New Upgrade 2021 70lb & 45lb Boxing Suspension Heavy Bag für Kickboxing Fitness Training Muay Thai MMA, Martial Arts, Home Fitness…

The Figolo Punching Bag is a hanging style bag that comes in 2 different selectable sizes & weights. You can order either the 45-pound version or the 70-pound version. It is a black cylindrical-shaped bag that has 4 chains attached to the main body of the bag that goes to the main link on the top shaped like a circle. This top circle is large enough to hang on a large hook. It is a heavy bag so you need to be sure you are hanging it from a stud, or it will fall.

It is black with 3 white stripes across the bottom of the bag, and a large Figolo logo near the middle of the bag. The material covering the bag is 3 layers which are rugged and will not rip easily through normal use. The company has made some new upgrades to the bag very recently (2021). The hanger ring is stronger and more flexible, the chain has been upgraded and is now stronger, and the Skin on the bag is now a stronger material. It is 105cm long and 32cm wide.


  • Hanging bag versatility- The bag is a hanging style bag, which can be used for kicking, elbows, and other MMA moves as well as traditional boxing training.
  • Upgraded chain- The hanging chain has been upgraded to a significantly stronger and more high-quality chain than last year’s version of the bag. The new chain is 45cm long and 0.6 double thickened.
  • 3 layers of material inside- Layer one is PU fabric, layer 2 is polyester to allow flex and spring, layer 3 is EPE which adds to the punching feel and experience. The interior is anti-corrosive metal for long-lasting use.
  • Strong stitching- The fabric and zipper run is double stitched for extra long-term strength and endurance.


  • Comes in 2 different sizes/weights to accommodate all levels of experience
  • Strong chain and ring will not break
  • Suitable for kickboxing MMA training or traditional boxing training
  • Inexpensive and accessible for anyone to purchase


  • The outer layer is polyester instead of leather


The Figolo hanging punching bag is a great value for anyone starting out with home MMA or boxing training. Many punching bags of this style are quite expensive and hard to attain unless you have a sizeable budget. Although it is not a very fancy or impressive-looking bag, it is well made and will provide years of workouts. It comes in 2 different sizes so one of them should suit everyone’s needs. The biggest downside to a lower budget bag like this is the outer material is polyester and looks and feels much cheaper than a high-quality leather bag. If this is not a deal-breaker for you, this is a solid bag at a very good price. If getting an excellent workout is your main concern, instead of having a super fancy punching bag, this is a great one to pick up.


Best for Small Space- Punching Bag with Stand, boxing bag for Teens & Adults, Height Adjustable – Freestanding Punching Ball Boxing Speed Bag – Great for MMA Training, Boxing Equipment, Workout Equipment, Stress Relief & Fitness

Punching bags are extremely beneficial to have in your home. They can enhance your existing workout routine, and help improve your response time, hand eye coordination, and balance. The issue is that they tend to take up too much space to be practical in many home that do not have much space. The Boutmaster is a standing style punching bag that comes with a base, pole, and bag on top. It is adjustable so that you can raise or lower the bag to match your needs. Like other punching bags of this format, you will need to fill the base with either water or sand. Sand is going to add more weight and stability than water will.

It takes up much less space than a large full length floor standing MMA style punching bag, or a hanging bag does. It is small enough to put in a corner and pull it out when you are ready to work out. It comes with the base and the rest of the unit, but unlike some sets it does not include the boxing gloves, to keep the cost to you down.


  • Easy set up- Just fill the base with either sand or water, attach the pole to the base, attach the bag to the pole, and you are ready to train. No need to drill holes in your ceiling or find studs.
  • Adjustable height- You can adjust the height from 49 all the way to 63 inches, which accommodates nearly any size person needing to work out.
  • Well made- Constructed with high- quality materials which will allow it to last for years of use. Many standing bags in this price range can use poor quality materials leading to the set up breaking easily.


  • Small enough to fit conveniently in almost any room
  • High quality materials are better than many in this price range
  • Adjustable height allows it to be used by nearly anyone of any size.
  • Can be set up anywhere


  • A bit more expensive than some other similar set ups


The Boutmaster is a compact size punching bag with a floor stand that is small enough for almost any room. There are no extras that come with it, like boxing gloves, but it is a solid choice for anyone with limited space for working out. It is extremely easy to set up and use. Because it is adjustable, it can be used by people of all sizes and levels. It may be a bit more expensive than some other similar units, but the build quality and ease of setup is worth it. It will fit in just about any normal room, just make sure you leave some space behind it for it to move and flex as you punch it.


Best for Kids- TechTools Punching Bag for Kids, – Includes Kids Boxing Gloves – Kids Boxing Set with Stand, Height Adjustable, Boy Toys, Gifts Idea for Boys and Girls Ages 3 – 8 Years Old (Kids)

TechTools Punching Bag for Kids is an adjustable floor standing bag-style punching bag specifically designed for kids between 3 and 8 years old. It has a colorful multi-color bag on top of a metal pole with a spring at the bottom where it attaches to the base. The base has a screw on lid where you can put sand or water to weigh it down. Sand is heavier and recommended over water if you have bigger kids that can punch harder. As a complete kit, it comes with the bag, the pole, the base, and the air pump as well as a pair of small boxing gloves.


  • Easy Set up- The set is easy to assemble right out of the box. Simply attach the pole to the base and attach the bag to the pole and pump up the bag with the included pump. Once it is assembled, unscrew the lid, and fill the base with water or sand and you are ready to use it.
  • Adjustable stand- The pole is adjustable from 31 to 42 inches to accommodate kids of any size from the ages of 3 to 8 years old. The adjustable pole is an excellent benefit for growing kids, so you do not have to buy a new punching bag whenever your kid grows a couple of inches.
  • Tall Functional Spring- The spring that attaches to the pole is a tight wound, long spring. The spring allows the punching bag to return to the starting position over and over while your kids get a workout.
  • Colorful- The colorful bag and bright blue base help to keep your kids attention. Many competing products are black and simply boring to look at for kids. This set stands out due to the bright colors.
  • Full Kit- Comes with everything you need to get started. Bag, pole, stand, pump, and gloves. You will not need to buy any accessories to get your punching bag set up and functional.


  • Simple design makes using it easy for kids
  • Comes with all you need
  • Adjustable up to 42 inches
  • Strong and durable enough for kids
  • Affordable


  • The pump and included gloves are not great quality


The TechTools adjustable punching bag for kids is the best deal for kids. It is easy to set up and use, and it keeps their attention with bright colors. With the large fillable plastic base, it is stable to use anywhere in the house or outside. Since the base is fillable and does not rely on suction cups to keep it in place, it is a more versatile setup than others in the same price range.


Best for Cardio- HUNTER Speed Ball Boxing Cow Hide Leather MMA Speed Bag Muay Thai Training Speed Bag Punching Dodge Striking Bag Kit with Hanging Swivel for Workout

Any punching bag setup will be good for a cardio workout, but speed ball style bags are going to be the best punching bags for cardio. Of all the speed bags, the Hunter Speed Ball is the one that will give you will get the best value for the money. It is a hanging bag that is attached to the ceiling with four screws. It is a cowhide leather bag and a base with a metal ring that attaches to the leather bag. The metal ring is on a hinge which allows the bag to come back and forth. The bag is 9.5X7 inches in size and weighs 4 pounds. Like other speed balls, this one will improve your hand eye coordination and give you a great cardio workout in the process.


  • Genuine leather- The bag is created with genuine cow hide leather which is extremely durable and will hold up well through many intense workout sessions.
  • 4 Layers- The outer layer is leather, while inside there are 4 additional layers of poly cotton material which adds more bounce and strength to the tactile feel of the workout. Once blown up, the ball will react quickly to each strike.
  • Individually Shaped & Balanced- Each speed bag is individually shaped and balanced for fast predictable rebounds during intense sessions.
  • Latex bladder- The interior bladder is made of latex which adds additional spring and bounce to the punching bag. The bag will need to be inflated periodically as the air slowly escapes over time.


  • High-quality materials will not rip or break easily
  • Extremely responsive and bouncy for excellent speed bag workouts.
  • Attractive simple design
  • Great value for the price


  • Installing in the ceiling can be a hassle


If you need the best cardio workouts, this is an excellent speed bag for the job. Many speed bags fail because they are not responsive enough. That is not a problem with the Hunter Speed Bag. It has a latex bladder and 4 layers of poly cotton inside to keep it exceptionally springy during workouts. Even though it is made from genuine cowhide leather it is still an affordable speed bag set up. The only complaint is that setting up can be a hassle, but to be fair, that is going to be an issue with any speed bag or ceiling mount piece of exercise gear. If speed bags are your thing, you should consider picking this one up.

Punching Bag Buyers Guide

With so many brands and styles of punching bags to choose from, it can be confusing to figure out which type is best for you. Before you make your final purchase decision, consider the following questions below!

Who Should Buy a Punching Bag?

If you need a good cardio workout, or you just need to blow off some steam now and then, a punching bag could be a great addition to your home gym setup. There are lots of options ranging in size, function, and price, so the key is to figure out what you need and then find the best one to suit your needs. There is probably a punching bag that will suit your size, skill level, and space requirements.

They are not only for aspiring MMA fighters or boxers, punching bags are good for everyone. Some bags require some bolts in the ceiling, but many are simple all-in-one setups that only require minor assembly. Bottom line, if you would like a good workout and have a little money to spend, punching bags are for you!

Punching Bag Workout Benefits

There are may important benefits you will get from working out with a punching bag. The list below is not a complete list, but it hits all the important ones:

  • Anxiety relief and stress removal- beating up a punching bag does wonders for your stress level!
  • Improves your ability to defend yourself in the event of an attack
  • Excellent cardio workout
  • Core stability improvement
  • Increase stamina
  • Improve fighting skills
  • Upper body toning and strength improvement
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Aids in weight loss and tone

Types of Punching Bags

Not all punching bags are the same, there are a few different styles, each one serves a different function. Here are the types of bags:

Hanging Heavy Bag

This kind of punching bag is a long-style bag usually hung from the ceiling. They are heavy and long, usually about the size of a person’s head and torso. These bags are usually used for boxing and MMA training due to their size, they can be kicked, punched, and kneed, or elbowed, etc. They can be more expensive than some of the smaller versions, but they are excellent for full workouts, and they last a long time.

Free Standing Heavy Bag

Free-standing heavy bags are like hanging heavy bags, but they usually come with a weighted stand that keeps the bag stable during use. They can provide the same level of workout as hanging heavy bags, only without the need to screw them into the ceiling. They are one of the most popular styles of home workout punching bags because of the ease of setup and use. The fact that you can simply set them up on the stand and start using them is a key selling point for this style of bag.

Free Standing Ball Style Bag

Free-standing ball-style bags are punching bags that come with a weighted base, a pole stand, and of course the punching bag on top. Some of them are height adjustable to allow you to set the bag at just the right level for your workout. These are not nearly as large or heavy as the previous two styles and are easier to find a spot for in smaller rooms. They are typically used by beginners or people that need a smaller option. Typically, they are less expensive than heavy bags.

Torso Style Standing Bag

Torso-style standing bags are like free-standing heavy bags except for the portion that you punch is shaped like a human torso. These are especially good If you are training for self-defense, so you can target specific areas of the head or torso. Torso bags are great for getting out anger or stress because the punching area resembles a human so you can imagine punching the person that is causing your stress without hurting anyone.

Speed bag

Speed bags are excellent for developing your technique in boxing or MMA. They are also quite effective at delivering intense cardio workouts. They excel at improving your hand-eye coordination because they respond and rebound so quickly after you punch them. Speed bags are not a great choice if you are just starting out with boxing or MMA, they are a tool to improve your existing technique. However, if you are only interested in a good cardio workout, or developing your hand-eye coordination, a speed bag may be a good idea for you.

Key Features to Look For

Type of bag

As you have seen, there are some different kinds of punching bags, and not all of them fit all types of needs. When trying to choose which type of bag you need, you need to consider what each type has to offer and what your needs and situation are. The first thing to consider is what you need the bag for. Are you a beginner looking for a good cardio workout? If so, consider a free-standing ball-standing bag due to the ease of use.

If you are training for MMA or boxing, you should consider a heavy bag. Either a hanging bag or a free-standing heavy bag will do the trick. The key consideration here is to figure out if you have the space in your house or basement for a hanging bag (needs to be screwed into the ceiling studs). If not, a free-standing heavy bag is a better choice. Heavy bags are better for building muscle mass and for training for serious fights or tournaments.

Here is a quick checklist for choosing what type of bag you need:

  • Plenty of space? Try a full-size heavy bag.
  • Beginner? Try standing ball style or standing heavy bag.
  • Focusing on hand-eye coordination? Try a speed bag.
  • Want to get out some frustration? Try a torso-style standing bag.


Some bags are made of synthetic material and reinforced with more synthetic material. Higher quality bags generally use leather, although those bags can be more expensive and may not be a good choice for you If you are vegan. Not all synthetic materials are cheap or flimsy, or prone to easily ripping. Some of the polyvinyl materials are quite durable and should last for years. Be sure to consider which materials are going to work for you. If you tend to be very hard on your workout equipment, consider spending a bit more on something durable like leather.

All the punching bags in this list are made of high-quality materials, but some are more durable than others. You can tell how well a bag is going to hold up by paying attention to the materials such as the metal used on the chains, the fabric covering the bag, or the kind of material used for the stands, or poles. The stronger the material, the longer it will last.


Of course, price is always one of the most important factors in making a purchase decision. With any workout equipment, you truly get what you pay for. Be wary of any punching bag that seems like it is too cheap for what you get. Usually when you see these things they are made of very cheap materials, and they tend to break easily. Sometimes when you think you are saving money, you are wasting it because you end up breaking the thing after just a few uses.

It is not too difficult to balance the price with the amount of value you will get. The best way to determine if a punching bag is worth it, is to make a mental checklist of your needs and then systematically check off whether the punching bag matches each need. If the punching bag meets all your needs and you can afford it, it is a good idea to purchase it, provided it is a high-quality bag.

How to Use a Punching Bag

If you are a casual user, you can hit the bag any way you want and get some health benefits. Any cardio workout is beneficial no matter how you do it. However, there are some tips you can use to get the most out of your workout.


Stance is one of the most important things when it comes to hitting the bag. Place your feet shoulder-width apart with the front foot facing the bag. This stance allows you to stay anchored but allows you to turn at the hips and get your punches off while staying balanced. While you are throwing punches keep your feet planted on the ground.


Between punches you can move around on your toes, mimicking some of the moves that happen in a boxing match. This helps get your legs and lower body more involved in the cardio aspect of the workout. Throwing different combinations of punches is good to keep it interesting for yourself, and it is also beneficial because it works different combinations of muscles in your arms and upper body.


Many users get into the bad habit of pushing the punching bag with the punches instead of punching it and pulling back. Pushing the bag is still good exercise for your arms and shoulders, but if you are training for boxing or MMA matches, this habit is bad. It can make you slower because you are spending time pushing which is not going to be as beneficial as a snappy quick punch.


Working out with the bag is not the same as sparring since the bag will not be throwing punches back at you! However, you should still get in the habit of guarding after your combinations, like you would in a real match. This is a good practice to get used to even if you are not training for fights, because it gives your muscles a short break, and keeps your energy level up.

Punching Combinations to Try During Your Workout

Jabs- Jabs are usually thrown with your non-dominant hand and used to soften up the target. Jabs are not going to knock anyone out (usually) but they should be a big part of your workout. Jabs are not thrown with all your strength. Instead, they are just quick snappy punches that set up your more powerful punches.

Crosses- These are meant to be serious and powerful punches thrown to stun or knock out an opponent. In the case of working the bag though, they are great for working your shoulders and torso muscles because they require you to turn a bit when you throw them. Crosses are usually thrown after jabs with your dominant hand. They are called crosses because they come across your body to the target.

Hook- Like a jab, hooks are generally thrown with your non-dominant hand. The idea behind hooks is to get around your opponent’s guard and strike them in the head. When throwing a hook, the arm remains bent at the elbow (which is why it is called a hook) and you need to lean in to increase your range. A combination of jabs, hooks, and a cross at the end is a popular and effective combination that can be devastating to an opponent if executed well.

Uppercut- In a real match, uppercuts are thrown when you are close to your opponent and meant to land on the chin and cause them to become stunned. It is supposed to be thrown in a way that avoids the opponent’s guard by coming up from underneath it. In a punching bag workout, however, it can be difficult to throw uppercuts because the surface of the bag is a vertical plane, causing your glove to slip and not connect in a solid way. Even though uppercuts on standing or full-size hanging bag do not connect in the same way they do in a real match, practicing them is still beneficial. Uppercuts work your torso as well as arms and shoulders.

Front Kick- Punching bags are good for more than punching. You can throw front kicks as well, and these kicks will add to your workout. In a match, you want to land front kicks on your opponent’s torso area. While you are working the bag at home you can throw front kicks as part of a combination. Front kicks are meant to be thrown by your dominant foot while your weaker foot keeps your balance.