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Post-workout Foods to Promote Fat Burning

When you finish your workout, the work for your body is far from over. It has to regenerate all the damaged muscle fibers and restore energy supplies in your body’s tissues. To help it with that, we have to eat a healthy mix of proteins and carbohydrates in the first […]


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness Tracker

With more and more people using fitness trackers or smartwatches nowadays, wearables are enjoying a huge success. There are many kids of trackers, from wristwatches to bracelets, clip-on, chest-straps, and even trackers that can be put in your shoes. If you are set on joining the trend and reaping the […]


Using Heart Rate Zones To Your Advantage

Every runner needs a way to measure how hard he is pushing himself towards his goal. Heart rate zones are one of the best objective methods of monitoring the intensity of your training. They are determined individually for every person and are relative to your maximum heart rate. There are […]

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Using Your Heart Rate Monitor For Fat Burning

Fat burning is one of the main reasons people start workout out in general. It is also one of the more challenging things about exercising, especially since it requires a certain amount of prior knowledge to be done right. Many people try a lot of different strategies, from which some […]