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Best Men’s Multivitamin Supplements to Improve Overall Health

As we continue to live fast-paced, convenience-focused lives, our daily nutrition can suffer. It is not always easy to make a nutritious meal every night and many of us end up getting carry out or fast food. When you work all day and spend 2 hours in the car, it is impossible to get home and put in the work needed to make a delicious and healthy meal, especially for men. Sometimes these convenient fast food meals can be good for you with lots of naturally nutritious ingredients, but more often they are made with quick processed foods that are helpful in delivering meals as fast as possible.

Because of the shortcomings of the modern diet, it has become almost a necessity to take daily supplements to make up for the lack of nutrition we get from our fast-paced diets. The idea that you can simply take a pill every day and make up for a poor diet is nonsense. There is no substitute for a healthy diet, and no number of supplements will fix this. Fortunately, if you can manage to eat a few good healthy meals a week, a good multivitamin can pick up the slack.

The daily multivitamin supplement world is packed full of hundreds of options, some are better than others. Here we will go over the best daily multivitamin supplements for men that are currently available.

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Most Popular Daily Multivitamin for Men- Centrum Multivitamin for Men, Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement with Vitamin D3, B Vitamins, and Antioxidants

Centrum has been around for decades and has continued to be the most popular daily multivitamin for men and women. It is the #1 doctor-recommended daily multivitamin most likely because it has such a long proven history of being safe and effective for men of all ages. This formula is designed for men and contains the ingredients that many men’s diets are lacking today.

This Centrum formula has proven to improve the health of men for years, and because of its safety and long history, it is the most popular daily multivitamin available today.


  • Contains D3 and B vitamins as well as antioxidants
  • Specially made to offer metabolism and immune support for men
  • Multipurpose supplement that has the highest D3 level of any vitamin in the Centrum line
  • Contains vitamins E, C, and many micronutrients essential for good health and antioxidants like zinc
  • Has no GMO ingredients
  • Has enough vitamins to last up to 4 months


  • Very safe supplement with decades of proven safe use by millions of men
  • Well designed formula tweaked over years
  • Helps with energy and focus as well as overall well being
  • Non-GMO supplement contains no nasty stuff
  • Inexpensive for what it does


  • Does not contain some of the buzzword ingredients many men are looking for


The Centrum men’s daily multivitamin is not going to win any awards for clever marketing or edgy packaging. This is a product that has been around for years and years. It is boring to look at and seems even boring to read about since it is such a part of the culture it almost needs no introduction. However, do not underestimate how beneficial this old boring supplement can be to men of all ages, especially in their 30’s and up. It contains ingredients that have been vigorously studied for decades and proven to do what they say they do. This supplement is probably the most trusted name out there, that is why it is our pick for the most popular.


Healthiest Overall Men’s Multivitamin- Evlution Nutrition VitaMode High Performance Men’s Multivitamin, Full Spectrum Vitamins & Minerals, Immune Health, Vitamin C & D, Zinc, Antioxidants, Skin, Hair, Bone, Eye Health

Evlution Nutrition VitaMode is a daily supplement designed for men that comes in pill form. Each bottle contains 150 pills, which is 100 less than the Centrum formula. However, this supplement contains some impressive ingredients that go beyond what the most popular multivitamin does. It comes in a plain-looking black bottle and is not much to look at, honestly. Even though it may appear plain and boring, this multivitamin is the healthiest overall choice. Just to add to the excitement of the packaging, the pills are also unflavored (how exciting!)


  • Strong immune support with vitamins D, C, zinc, and vitamin E as well. This combination of vitamins is proven to enhance the performance of your immune system.
  • More than 75 meticulously formulated ingredients designed to boost the energy and overall health of active men.
  • Contains free form amino acids and a full 1,500 IU of vitamin D


  • High potency supplement
  • Healthiest overall daily multivitamin available
  • Boosts energy and performance with strong healthy ingredients
  • Unflavored which will not taste bad
  • Great for muscle health and aiding muscle repair and new growth


  • The pills tend to crumble fairly easily so be careful and don’t shake the bottle
  • Expensive since you are supposed to take 3 a day and the bottle contains only 150


The Evlution Nutrition VitaMode supplement is a powerful healthy way to boost your energy and sense of wellbeing. It is a boring packaging job and a tasteless pill so it is not overly exciting, but if you are interested in results, this should not be a turn-off. Even though many customers complain about the pills being brittle and crumbling, almost 9 thousand of them bought more bottles and gave them a five-star review. Nothing is perfect, but for men who need an extra boost every day, this daily supplement comes close.


SmartyPants Men’s Formula Daily Gummy Multivitamin: Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc for Immunity, CoQ10 for Heart Health, Omega 3 Fish Oil, B6, Methyl B12 for Energy, 180 Count (30 Day Supply)

Much like the Centrum vitamins, This supplement is formulated especially for men, so it contains many of the usual ingredients you have come to expect in a men’s daily vitamin supplement. It is called the men’s ‘complete multivitamin’ for a reason. It contains organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, black carrot juice concentrate, and many other beneficial vitamins and minerals. This product has been around for years and years and is proven to be safe and effective. It does and great job of helping give you the vitamins and nutrients your diet is lacking. This is the best budget daily supplement for men because of the high level of benefit, and the low price.


  • Complete multivitamin formulated to assist with heart health, and muscle fitness among others
  • Contains healthy active ingredients like vitamins A, C, D, B6, Riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin
  • Designed to support healthy blood pressure, heart health, immune system, and energy


  • Effective blood pressure support
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy heart
  • Provides a boost in energy
  • Inexpensive


  • Recommended six a day means the bottle will not last too long


For extraordinarily little money, this product offers a wide host of proven health benefits. Even though this is an old brand, the new formula is modern and has been tweaked over time. It is recommended to take six tablets a day. This daily pill gets the best budget supplement recommendation because it is very inexpensive and offers such a beneficial boost in your body’s nutrition and daily health.


Best Liquid Supplement- Men’s Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin w/CoQ10, Paba + 100 Additional Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids to Support Muscle, Heart & Brain Functions* Max Absorption! – 32 Serv, 32oz

Tropical Oasis Men’s Mega Multi-Vitamin looks more like Italian dressing than a daily supplement when you first look at the bottle. However, do not pour a big glop on your salad or you may find yourself running to the toilet soon! This supplement is formulated to support your heart, immune system, prostate, and of course energy and metabolism. The idea behind liquid supplements is that they are easier to digest, and faster as well. There is also no chance of crumbling pills causing half the bottle to look more like cocaine than a daily supplement.


  • Contains amino acids and many other important vitamins and minerals
  • Contains 1000mg of herbal blend nettle root, saw palmetto, and ashwagandha root for prostate health
  • Contains CoQ10 which is an important nutrient that aids in energy-producing cells especially in the heart
  • Contains more than 2x the minimum value of vitamin D recommended for adult men


  • 98% of the vitamins are absorbed due to the liquid form VS less than 20% of pills
  • Easy to take
  • Fast-acting and not hard on the digestive system
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Gives a boost to your brain function and energy as well as heart and other muscles


  • Expensive for the size of the bottle
  • Looks like Italian dressing


There are many liquid daily supplements, but the Tropical Oasis Men’s Mega Multi-Vitamin is the best. It has all the ingredients needed to support a healthy heart, prostate, brain, and body function. I am a big fan of liquid vitamins in general because, with pills, more than half of the ingredients end up in the toilet. Liquid vitamins like this one are much more efficient at delivering the nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The fact that this daily dose contains prostate support ingredients, as well as heart and brain support, makes it the clear winner in the liquid daily’s category.


Best for Energy- NATURELO One Daily Multivitamin for Men – with Vitamins & Minerals + Organic Whole Foods – Supplement to Boost Energy, General Health – Non-GMO – 120 Capsules

Naturello Daily Multivitamin is a vegetarian supplement that is focused on not only overall health but also energy support. The bottle comes with 120 capsules which is not a large amount, but the pills are effective and produce beneficial results. It comes in capsule form and is formulated for men. The vitamins contain only vegetables and whole foods, with no soy or gluten. The pills each contain 23 essential vitamins and minerals to support men’s health plus organic fruits and antioxidants.


  • 100% plant-based daily multivitamin containing ingredients derived from lichen, sunflower, marine algae, plant calcium, and iodine from kelp.
  • A bioactive supplement that includes B complex as well as folic acid and other B vitamins.
  • Contains no preservatives, gelatin, coloring, or flavoring.
  • Non-GMO and soy and gluten-free


  • Excellent for boosting energy slowly and safely
  • Vegan friendly with no nasty ingredients whatsoever
  • Contains Vitamin K2 and MK-7
  • Good for your heart, eyes, and brain as well as the rest of your body
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive for the number of pills you get


The Naturelo daily multivitamin is not just for vegans or vegetarians, it is for any man that wants a natural and healthy way to boost energy and improve his overall sense of health and wellbeing. It is surprisingly tasty even though there are no ingredients added just for flavor. It comes in capsule form which is easy to swallow and it dissolves fast once it hits your stomach, though not as fast as a liquid would. If you are looking for a health supplement you can take every day and not have to give a single thought to the ingredients, this is your best bet. The ingredients are all-natural and safe for use. The bottom line is that it is an effective way to boost energy without any weird shady ingredients.


Best Gummies- Vitafusion Men’s Gummy Vitamins, 150 Count Multivitamin for Men

Gummies are the only way some people will take vitamins. I know it sounds silly but it is 100% true. You normally think of children when you think of gummies, but that has changed over the years and now gummies are for everyone. The Vitafusion Men’s Multi daily vitamin is wildly popular with over 21,000 positive reviews. The gummies in this bottle are quite tasty and easy to chew and swallow. Because it is so easy to take these, it ends up helping more people. It gets our highest recommendation for the best daily gummy not just because it looks and tastes like candy, but because it works.


  • Supports immune, muscle, metabolism, and energy
  • Contains high levels of vitamins C,D, and A
  • It is Americas favorite gummy multivitamin
  • No artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy, or synthetic dyes
  • Received the ChefsBest excellence award


  • Good taste and easy to use
  • An effective way to support your immune system every day
  • Award-winning supplement
  • No bad ingredients


  • Not as powerful as some of the others in this list


When you get past the gummy gimmick, this is still a solid choice for a daily multivitamin for men. It has many of the same ingredients as some of the more prestigious products here, but it also contains no artificial or undesirable ingredients. Because of the convenience and ease of being a gummy it seems to sacrifice just a little bit in the power department. This is a great choice, however, for a daily supplement for most men. It is certainly the best of the gummies, but maybe not the best of all if you are looking for a serious boost.

Best for Brain- Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster – Enhance Focus, Boost Concentration, Improve Memory & Clarity for Men & Women, Ginkgo Biloba, Dmae, Mind Enhancement, Iq Neuro Energy, Vitamin B12 Bacopa Monnieri

Vital Vitamins Brain booster is what is called a nootropic supplement. This is one of the many buzzwords you hear tossed around in the health industry all the time. Nootropics are pills that are designed to improve the function of your brain, and not all of them are created equal, with some just being plain useless. The brain booster formula here, however, is not one of those useless buzzword pills. It is a safe and effective way to enhance your mental acuity and even your memory and recall. This is a lot to get out of a daily pill. It comes in a black bottle that contains only 30 capsules, which is an extremely small amount, comparatively.


  • Effective at boosting your brain performance
  • Helps alertness without the slow down and crash or the buzz associated with some nootropics
  • Can help with logical thinking and decision making
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Contains high-quality vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals that boost brain power


  • Makes you process information more effectively
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Does not give you a buzz or a crash later
  • Has over 33,000 positive reviews by happy customers
  • Extremely effective at what it does


  • Only 30 pills per bottle


If you are new to nootropics, you do not need to look any further. Of all the many trendy brain pills out there, this is the most effective and safest one. It does not contain any strange or unknown ingredients and it has been proven to be effective at improving mental power daily by thousands of customers. Although you are paying quite a lot for such a small bottle, you are getting some solid benefits from this tiny bottle every day of the month. It may not have all the extra benefits that other daily supplements have in this list, but for mental focus and thinking power, it is by far the best.


Best for Fiber- Zero for Him Extra Strength – Fiber Supplement for Men – 150 Pure Supplement Vegan Capsules – High Fiber Supplement Pills – Daily Dietary Fiber Supplement Chia Flaxseed Psyllium Husk Fiber Pills

Getting enough fiber can be difficult these days with all the fast food we eat. That is why a good fiber supplement is essential in every man’s diet. Even if you do not take it every day, just a few times a week can make a big difference.

Zero for him extra strength fiber supplement is designed to give you all the fiber your body is craving. It is made in the USA and comes in capsule form. Each bottle contains 150 pills which is a fair amount. Of all the fiber supplements out there, the Zero for him is the best for helping to keep you regular in a natural and safe way. It is GMP certified and contains no gluten.


  • Vegan capsules are easy to digest
  • A strong and effective fiber supplement will help keep your insides happy
  • Contains psyllium with aloe which provides exceptional gastrointestinal support
  • Organic non-GMO pills are safe to use with no nasty chemicals


  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • GMP Certified
  • Keeps you regular, safely


  • Can be too strong for some people


The Zero for him daily fiber supplement is a strong effective way to stay regular and get your daily fiber. The capsule form is a familiar format for most people, but some do not like it says it can stick to the roof of their mouth. It is inexpensive and most definitely will do the job as intended for most people. Although it is not a daily multivitamin per se, it has a special function that is important. If you are not getting enough fiber in your diet, this could be a good option to get things loosened up again. Be aware that some customers say it may work a little too well, so start slow!


Buyers Guide

You have seen a good-sized list of the best multivitamin supplements for men, but how do you know which one is right for your specific needs? There are so many that are specialized for different benefits which will suit different people, but if you know a little more about them you can make a more informed decision.

Types of Daily Multivitamins

There are 4 basic types of multivitamins based on their format, they are:

  • Pills / Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Liquids
  • Powders


multivitamin supplements

Pills are the classic multivitamin format everyone is used to. They can be either in hard crunchy pills, capsules with powder inside, or gel caps. The only important distinguishing feature for any of the pill form vitamins is which one you prefer. Chewable pills are easiest for many because swallowing a big pill can be annoying. Gelcaps are better if you prefer not to taste the vitamins you can just swallow and be done!


These have gotten more popular recently and they tend to taste better and be more fun to eat. They are typically chewy colorful little pills that are sometimes shaped like fruits or veggies and you can take your time chewing them and swallowing them. These appeal to lots of men who like the chewy format over crunchy chewable vitamins, also it could be said that gummies are just more fun.


Liquids are the most fast-acting and easiest to digest, and the most efficient. By efficient I mean that truly little of the liquid go to waste, your stomach and GI tract can process over 90% of the nutrients. With the crunch pills, capsules, and chewable types much of the nutrients end up in the form of waste. Liquids are not as easy to take because you must pour them into a little cup, but they are the most effective.

Because you must take a little more time to consume the liquids, and because you must taste it, it is not the most popular form of daily multivitamins. Liquids are new to the world of multivitamins too so that could account for the relative obscurity.


Powders are more popular in protein supplements and not so much for daily multivitamins which is why we did not include any in our round-up of the best. They are typically meant to mix in a glass of water anyway, making them more like liquid medicine, anyway. They are easy to take if you are used to using liquids, but most people take pills because of the convenience factor.

Features to Look for

When looking for a good multivitamin for yourself, it always helps to know what your diet is lacking before you dive into it. If you are like most men, you are probably not getting enough:

  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Iodine
  • B12
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Magnesium

Those are the most common vitamin deficiencies in men today.


Iron is an important nutrient for men, as it is responsible for making new hemoglobin, which is the protein that carries oxygen to every part of your body. If you do not have enough iron, you could be dealing with a lack of energy, and have difficulty focusing mentally.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a critical factor in helping to keep the levels of phosphate and magnesium in check. Phosphate and magnesium are used to keep muscles and bones strong and resilient. If you are lacking in D, you may have more dental issues or have trouble building muscle. You get some vitamin D from sunlight, but many men are lacking in this nutrient.


Iodine is important mainly because it is used to help create thyroid hormones. The thyroid is responsible for so many things, ranging from alertness to mental clarity. You get iodine naturally in some foods, but the typical modern diet is sorely lacking in iodine.

Vitamin B12

B12 helps make DNA! This is critical. It also keeps the blood cells and nerve cells happy. If you get enough B12 you can avoid developing anemia which is a condition that will make you feel tired and weak. B12 is present in some veggies and foods like eggs, peas, chicken, nuts, and fish, among others. However, most of us do not eat enough of those foods and we end up deficient in this vitamin.


Most people are aware that calcium is known for maintaining bone strength, but it also helps keep the nerve cells healthy. Calcium is found in many foods, but not mainly in milk like most people think. Of course, it is present in dairy products, but it is plentiful in green veggies like spinach or kale. It can also be found in fish where the bones are eaten like sardines. Even though there is calcium in many foods, it is still lacking in a surprising number of men.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is critical in so many important body functions, it is surprising how little attention it seems to get. In fact, it is needed to maintain good vision, reproductive system health, and even the immune system. It plays an important role in making sure the kidneys, lungs, and heart are staying healthy. After hearing this I bet you want some vitamin A!


This has so many jobs it would be hard to go over all of them. It helps a wide variety of body functions like maintaining blood sugar levels, helping nerve and muscle activity, aiding in blood pressure regulation, and more. It lends a hand to almost every important body function, so don’t forget magnesium.

Matching Your Nutritional Needs

Before deciding to take any supplement, it goes without saying you should talk to your doctor. Get some comprehensive blood tests to determine what you are lacking in the nutrient and vitamin department. Of course, it is not going to hurt you if you take a multivitamin, but to get the most benefit and not be wasting your money, it is a good idea to make sure you are taking one that has what your body needs.

It is not difficult to get one of these blood tests to find out what you need. Typically, it can be done in a single visit, and many modern clinics have in-house testing these days so you may get an answer before you leave your visit. If you are lacking in vitamin A, for example, you would want to find a supplement that is high in that vitamin, and so on.

Apart from targeting your specific vitamin deficiencies, it is also smart to consider how you feel and whether a certain supplement can help you feel better. One of the most common complaints in men is that as they get a bit older, they tend to lack energy. This could be because of a bad diet, not enough sleep, or a host of other health issues, some of them could be serious. However, most of the time if you find a good supplement that has nutrients that help with energy levels, it could help you feel better.

Dangers of Daily Supplements

Be aware of the ingredients, and steer noticeably clear of any that are not approved by the FDA or that are exceedingly cheap. Most daily multivitamins are generally safe, the only real danger would be if you took too many at once you could get sick. However, there are some people that have too much of a certain vitamin or nutrient already in the body.

If this is the case for you, you would want to avoid any multivitamins that contain the nutrient you have an excess of. Overall, if you stick to products that have a long track record and are approved by the FDA and known to be safe, and you only take the recommended dose, you will be OK. It goes without saying that you should keep your men’s daily vitamins away from small children as they do not understand what ‘take one’ of anything means!

Final Words on Multivitamin Supplements

These are generally safe and may help you maintain a healthier body. To what degree they help is unclear as there are not enough good studies to prove or disprove the level of benefit either way. One thing that is clear as a bell is that nothing can completely reverse a terrible diet or a dangerous lifestyle. Multivitamins can enhance your health and benefit you, but nothing is going to make more of a difference in how you feel every day than having a good nutritious diet and getting plenty of sleep. There are no pills that fix bad decisions!

Multivitamin FAQ

Q- Are multivitamins as beneficial as they claim to be?

  • Yes and No. Yes, because if you are lacking in many of the vitamins contained in a supplement, you will be getting that vitamin you need to be delivered to your cells. However, most of the nutrients you get when taking these vitamins (in pill form) are excreted as waste and not used by the body.

There are different statistics as to exactly how much is used, they range from 12% to 20% of the good stuff in the vitamins make it to your cells.  Although the pill forms do have their drawbacks, it could be argued that getting some of a good thing is better than none.

After all the years these have been on the market in pill form there is still no conclusive research proving that the popular pills have any benefit specific to heart disease or improving brain function. Although it is not clear if the men in these studies had good or bad diets or smoked cigarettes or anything else. The point is that you should take the claims made by multivitamin companies with a grain of salt.  These studies mentioned also have not tested liquid multivitamins or nootropics.

Q- Why should I take a multivitamin?

  • Multivitamins can be beneficial especially when added to an already good diet. If you have a terrible diet and eat nothing but fast food and smoke cigarettes and drink tons of alcohol, taking a multivitamin every day is probably not going to give you the result you expect. However, taking a good multivitamin can help support your body and enhance the nutrition you are already getting.

Q- When is the best time to take a multivitamin?

  • There are some nutritionists that say it is better to take supplements early in the day. The reason given for this answer is that some of the nutrients and minerals contained in a multivitamin are known to give you an energy boost, which may be unwelcome if you are getting ready for bed. Another reason for taking them early in the day is that your stomach is more likely to be emptier which may help in the poor absorption rates that chewable or pill-form vitamins have.

Q- What happens if you take more than 1 per day?

  • It is recommended not to take any more than the recommended dose which should be clearly marked on the bottle. More than likely you are not going to have any kind of intense serious reaction if you take two or three, but you may get sick and end up feeling awful. These are not narcotics that will affect you in an intense and immediate way, but they still contain many substances that can affect how your body feels. Just follow the recommended dosage to be safe.

Q- Will multivitamins make you fat?

  • This is a common question, and it would seem to be a reasonable one. The thing about multivitamins is that they are a small amount of substance to take into your body, smaller than a spoonful of honey. To gain weight by taking one multivitamin a day is just not going to happen. The short answer is no, taking a daily multivitamin supplement will not make you fat, but if you combine it with a good diet and exercise it may help you to lose weight!


Q- Can I take more than one kind of multivitamin at the same time?

  • Because of the potential to experience side effects, whether they are minimal or severe, you should never combine any supplements or drugs without first asking your doctor. There are substances in some supplements that are known to have reactions to some other substances present in competing brands. The smart thing to do is to find a good multivitamin that you are comfortable with and stick to that one for a while and judge for yourself if you are seeing results. You will gain no benefit at all by taking 2 of a different kind at once, you can only hurt yourself.