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Best Reflective Bands and Clothing for Runners & Cyclists (2021 Update)

When you are a cyclist or runner or enjoy any kind of outdoor exercise, you may end up doing your routine at night. It is cooler, there are fewer people and cyclists around to get in the way, and it may fit better in your schedule to do it at night.

Whatever your reason is for getting your workout at night, you are probably aware it can be dangerous to go out anywhere near streets and cars without reflective bands or clothing. The idea behind these products is that any light that hits them is amplified and sent back toward the direction it came.

Since the bands are placed on your wrists or ankles (which are constantly moving when running or cycling) it is easy for cars and other people to see you. Because nobody wants to get hurt out there, here is a list of the best reflective bands and clothing for running and cycling!

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Best Overall Reflective Bands For Running & Cycling- GoxRunx 6 Pcs Reflective Bands for Arm/Wrist/Leg, High Visibility Reflective Running Gear Reflectors Armband for Women Men,Safety Reflective Straps Bracelets for Running, Cycling, Walking

The GoxRunx 6 Piece set makes the top spot for the best overall in this category. There are six reflective bands in total, with two meant for the wrists and two meant for the ankles. In addition to the 4 main pieces, there are also two slap-on bands with metal cores that will grab on and stay put. You also get a reflective drawstring carry bag to put your pieces in when you are on the go.

This set makes the top of the list because of the good quality, functionality, pieces included, and price point. There are cheaper sets, but they are not quite as nice. For a low price, you get high-quality reflective bands and a carry case.


Visibility- Because these are bands that wrap around the entire wrist or ankle, they have 360 degrees of visibility. This allows you to be seen from behind, the side, or from the front. These bands can be seen from as far as 800 feet away through rain or fog.

Adjustable– 2 of the bands are bigger (for ankles) 2 are a bit smaller (for wrists) and 2 slap bracelets. Though these are already sort of the size they need to be, they are also adjustable to account for variations in your wrist or ankle size. The 4 main pieces use Velcro as the adhesion mechanism.

Comfortable- Because they are adjustable, they do not need to be too tight, and the fabric is not scratchy or too rough, so they will not feel awkward or uncomfortable on bare skin. The slap on bracelets are not as comfortable as the Velcro ones because they are not very adjustable.

Durable- The fabric is not easy to rip or put holes in, and it will withstand some abuse. These bracelets and ankle straps will last a long time if you take care of them. It will take a while, but eventually anything with Velcro seems to lose its stickiness, but it will take long time, years usually.


  • Value for money is the best deal out there. This set is inexpensive and still manages to be good high quality.
  • Does the job well- These are extremely reflective and will allow you to be seen from up to 800 feet away in almost any weather condition.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight- They are not rough or too tight. Since they are adjustable, they can be customized to fit any size wrist or ankle.
  • Simplicity- There is no confusion on how to use them, you simply slap them on and adjust them to fit your ankle or wrist until they are exactly the right size.
  • Keep You Safe- You will be able to run or cycle or walk outside at night near traffic while knowing everyone can still see you.


  • Not the cheapest set
  • There are fancier sets that may last longer or have more features.


The GoxRunx 6 Piece reflective band set is the best deal out there when you factor in price, quality, and functionality. They are not the cheapest or the fanciest bands, but they will do the job well, and they do not cost a lot of cash. The package with the six pieces and the reflective bag gives you all that you need to get out and start moving. For what it does and what you pay, it gets the top slot in this category.

Runner Up (Second Best)- Reflective Ankle Bands (4 Bands/2 Pairs) | High Visibility and Safety for Jogging/Cycling/Walking etc | Works as Wristbands, Armband, Leg Straps | Accessories for Sports/Running Gear

This set makes the runner up for the top slot. You get 4 bands instead of 6 with this set, and no carry case. These bands are elastic and will stretch to fit your ankle or wrist without being too tight or too loose.

They are highly reflective and come in a fluorescent yellow base color with the reflective strips being a silver color that reflects light extremely well. The set is a good value for the money but since it comes with only 4 pieces instead of 6, and is slightly lower quality than the top choice, this set comes in second.

It is a great deal, but just not quite as good a value as the top choice.


  • Satisfaction Guarantee- This set comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Comfortable Elastic Fit– The bracelets are made of elastic which will comfortably stretch to fit, with no unnecessary tightness or irritation.
  • Extremely Easy to Use- Simple hook and loop adhesion will keep the bracelets or ankle straps in place and will not come off until you intentionally remove them.
  • Versatility- The bands can be used for any outdoor activity that requires reflective strips. Since they adhere to your legs or wrists, they will be seen easily when you move around.


  • Inexpensive- The set is not going to cost you much money.
  • Simple- There is nothing to fiddle with, you just strap them on, and you are good to go.
  • Great Value for Money- For what you pay, you get great value from this set.
  • No Worry Purchase- 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee relieves any stress when ordering.


  • Not the highest quality set out there.


This is a solid set for extraordinarily little money. You get 4 pieces that are highly reflective and will strap onto your body and stay put. They will allow you to go jogging or cycling at night with the added security of knowing you can be seen. The set comes with a great guarantee and warranty which will add to your peace of mind. The only downside is that if you are looking for something a little fancier, this set is not for you.

Best on a Budget- Reflective Bands for Arm, Wrist, Ankle, Leg. Reflector Bands. High Visibility Reflective Running Gear for Women and Men Cycling Walking Bike

For just about the cost of a large pizza, you can get a 4 piece set of reflective bands that will keep you noticeable in the dark when you are out exercising near traffic or other people. This kit is another four-piece set that comes with 4 identical reflective bands. They are the same format you are used to with the fluorescent greenish-yellow base color and the silver reflective bands. There is nothing special about this kit other than it is very inexpensive and should suit the needs of most people on a budget.


Safety Oriented- These bands are going to be visible up to 800 feet away in the dark, which is quite a distance. You will not have to worry about cars or humans not seeing you when you are trying to get your night workout done.

4 Pieces- You will get 4 bands in total, one for each wrist and one for each ankle. With all 4 limbs being lit up at night all your movement will attract the attention of cars and other dangers.

Easy- Like others in this list, these bands are extremely easy to use. Taking them off and putting them on is quite simple. Like the previous set on this list, these straps are made of elastic so they will stretch to fit.

Comfortable- They are made of breathable fabric which stretches and will not cause irritation to the skin.


  • Very Inexpensive- These cost less than a couple of Starbucks drinks or a large pizza.
  • Bright- They will be seen up to 800 feet away.
  • Lightweight- These straps weigh almost nothing, and you will barely feel them.
  • Multiple Ordering Options- You can order the basic 4 piece set, or there is an option to upgrade and get more bands with your order.


  • Not the most well made you can find.
  • No warranty or guarantee


This kit is the best one for you if your budget is the main concern. You can get a 4 piece kit for extremely cheap. Since these bands are not typically put through too much abuse, a cheaply made set like this one may work perfectly for just about anyone. The downsides here are that they feel cheap and are not extremely high-quality fabric, and there is no warranty or guarantee. However, for the price you pay, does it really matter?

Best Multicolor LED Bands- Esonstyle Pack of 6 LED Light Up Band Slap Bracelets Night Safety Wrist Band for Cycling Walking Running Concert Camping Outdoor Sports

Not everyone is satisfied with the standard yellow and silver reflective bands. The Esonstyle set is an LED set that comes with six pieces in six different colors. The colors included are white, yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink. They take a small watch-style battery and have a simple button press on and off function. There are multiple options available when ordering for color variations, for example, you can get six pink, or six blue, etc.

The bands have three light pattern modes, flashing fast, flashing slow and steady illumination. They are slap-on style bands with metal cores that will slap on and bend to your wrist or ankle easily. There is a small fabric strip that you slide the excess length of the band through to keep it secure.


Ultra-High Visibility- Because of the LED lights and the flashing mode, this kit is the brightest and most visible of any set in this list.

Multiple Operating Modes- Three different light modes are available, fast blink, slow blink, and steady.

Comes With Battery- The set comes with a replaceable battery which you can recharge.


  • Amazingly effective at getting you noticed at night.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Multiple colors will attract even more attention.
  • Not expensive
  • Multiple color options when ordering


  • No guarantee

Best Quality- Reflective Bands for Men and Women | Reflectors for Runners, Cycling, Walking | Set of 4 Reflective Ankle Bands, Armbands, Wristbands | Reflector Tape Providing High Visibility Safety Apparel

If you are looking for something a bit nicer, that will last longer, this set may be just what you are looking for. Compared to some others in this list, the set is a little more expensive. However, the entire set still clocks in at under 20 bucks.

You get 4 bands in this set, like most of the others. The bands are the standard yellow and silver color, with Velcro as the attaching mechanism. The real noticeable difference here is the quality of the bands. They feel a bit more well-made and seem to be of a higher quality than the others here. Because of the added quality, they cost a little more. They are wider than some of the others, giving them more surface area to reflect incoming light rays.


Highly Visible- These bands have a lot of surface area which makes them extremely easy to see at night.

Adjustable- They can be easily adjusted to fit your wrist and ankle.

4 Pieces- You get 4 pieces with your purchase, eliminating the need to order more than one product.

No batteries- These use the incoming light to illuminate the bands, no need for expensive batteries.

Satisfaction guarantee- If you do not like the set, you will get your money back.


  • Very bright and easy to see from a great distance in the dark.
  • High quality bands are well made and will last longer than many others.
  • Guarantee makes purchasing an easier decision.


  • More expensive than others on the list


For a few bucks more, you can get a set that will last longer and feels more high quality when you use it. Because we are talking about reflective bands you wear jogging, not everyone is going to care if they are high quality or not. However, for some people quality is important, even when you are not spending a lot of money. For the extra money you spend on this set, you get a noticeably better quality product. If this is important to you, you can check out the current price by clicking the link below.


Best Reflective Clothing for Outdoor Exercise

Sometimes reflective bands like bracelets or ankle straps are not enough, and you need extra visibility. Luckily, there are many options to choose from when it comes to reflective clothing. Here we have a list of the best reflective clothing for exercising outdoors in low light conditions, broken down into summer and winter or any season that is not extremely hot.

Best Reflective Clothing for Summer or Hot Weather

These clothing items are lightweight and breathable and will not cause extra heat or discomfort when it is hot outside.

Best Reflective Vest- Reflective Vest Running Gear – Be Visible Stay Safe – Ultralight & Comfy – Large Pocket with Adjustable Waist – Safety Vest in 6 Sizes for Running, Cycling, Walking – Included 2 Reflective Bands & Bag

The Freemove reflective vest kit comes with the vest, 2 reflective wrist straps, and a small reflective carry bag. The vest itself is made of yellow mesh with multiple silver reflective strips on the front and back, making it visible from any angle in low light.

The straps are also the fluorescent yellow color with 2 reflective bands, and they have a Velcro closure setup. The bag is a drawstring pouch that will fit your wrist bands for when you need to hit the road.


Velcro and Zipper Closure- The vest has Velcro straps on the bottom near the hips and also a zipper to help keep it secure on your body when you are running or cycling.

360 Degree Visibility– The reflective bands are on the front, back, and sides, allowing you to be visible from any viewing angle in the dark or evening light.

Lightweight & Comfortable- The vest is mesh and extremely lightweight. It will not feel like you are wearing any additional clothing when you use it. Because of the soft mesh fabric, it is also comfortable.

Comes With Extras- The 2 wrist bands and drawstring accessory bag are a nice touch, giving the whole package much more appeal from a consumer standpoint.

Versatile Sizing- It comes in six different sizes, making it almost certain there will be a size that fits you correctly.

Guarantee- The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • Great Value for Money Spent- You get a vest and 2 wristbands along with a carry bag for under 15 bucks.
  • Highly Effective- You will be easily visible wearing this vest and the wristbands. Because of the 360 degrees visibility, anyone within 750 feet will be able to see you and avoid you.
  • Peace of Mind Purchase- Because of the guarantee there is no need to worry about whether the vest package will work for you, you can always get a refund.


  • Some buyers had issues with the zipper breaking easily.


While this is not a fancy vest set made by a boutique athletic clothing brand, for the small fee you pay, it is a great deal. It has almost 5k positive reviews and it does its job well for most people. You get the vest and 2 wristbands along with a bag for less than 20 bucks shipped to you. It is highly reflective and works extremely well. The only downside is that it is not the best quality construction and may not last for years.


Best Reflective Long Sleeve T-Shirt For Running- Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt UPF 50+ (Pack of 2)

These Hanes Cool Dri T-Shirts perform 2 necessary jobs if you are running or cycling at night in the summer. First, they are a very bright fluorescent greenish yellow color that is highly reflective, second, they are made of Hanes Cool Dri Fabric which is moisture-wicking and will keep you cool while you are sweating and exercising.

There is nothing fancy about these shirts, they are long sleeve T-shirts made by one of the most well-known clothing makers. This package is a 2 pack deal, so you get 2 shirts when you order. They come in multiple sizes as well.


100% Polyester- The fabric is lightweight and soft so it will be comfortable and perfect for a base layer. No need to wear another shirt on top.

Moisture Wicking- The fabric will absorb moisture and when it evaporates it causes a cooling sensation on your skin. This is helpful, especially in the summer months.

UV Protection- 50+ UPF rating means the shirts will reflect harmful rays from the sun.


  • Comfortable- Soft lightweight fabric that keeps you cool makes these shirts comfortable in the heat.
  • Bright- The color is extremely bright so any light source from any angle will quickly see you are there.
  • Inexpensive- You get 2 shirts for an exceptionally low price, making this a great deal.


  • No reflective strips, just fluorescent coloring make it necessary to wear reflective wrist bands as well.


This 2 pack of Hanes reflective T-shirts is a good value for money, but it is not an all-inclusive package for nighttime visibility. They will get you noticed, but for ultimate visibility, you will still need some kind of band with reflective strips. Although it’s not a one-stop shop kind of product, these shirts are a great buy if you are jogging or cycling in the summertime.


Best Strap Style Vest- Reflective Vest (2Pack) Adjustable Lightweight Elastic Safety Vest Outdoor Gear

Unlike the mesh vests above, this is a strap-based vest, more like belts that go across your chest and waist VS a wearable piece of clothing. They are highly reflective and elastic with buckles to keep them in place. In addition to being elastic, they are also adjustable with sliders. This is a 2 pack of vests so when you buy, you get 2 identical reflective belt-based vests.


Buckle Closure- The vests have a plastic buckle that snaps closed at the waist, keeping it secured and safe while you are exercising.

Extremely Reflective- The belts that make up the vest are wide, with a sizeable portion of the width being the silver reflective material.

Adjustable- With the belts being elastic and coming with sliders, these vests should fit almost anyone with the proper adjustment.

Versatile- Since it is a belt-based vest it can be worn over any other clothing with just a minor adjustment with the sliders.

Lightweight- The vest is elastic bands and plastic sliders and buckles, so it only weighs just under 7 ounces.

Guarantee- Money back guarantee if you do not like it.


  • Easy to use- Simple to put on and take off with the buckle system.
  • Very Bright- The fat reflective band that goes over the entire surface of the vest makes it extraordinarily easy to see.
  • Comfortable- At under 7 ounces you will hardly know you are wearing it.


  • Some people complain that the vest slips around too much on top of slippery clothing like windbreakers.



This reflective vest is an effective way to get seen at night that will not cost you too much money. It is comfortable, lightweight, and does its job of reflecting incoming light extremely well. It has no bells and whistles, extra features, or cool extras, it is just a utilitarian inexpensive way to be seen. A great deal that will be useable on other clothing in any season.  You get 2 vests when you order which is a nice touch if you have a night running buddy (you should).

Best Reflective Clothing for Winter (or Fall)


Best Cycling Jacket for Fall or Winter- ARSUXEO Winter Warm UP Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket Windproof Waterproof 15-k

The Arsuxeo Winter Warm-up Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket is a full zip-up stretchy long sleeve mock neck jacket that has a bright yellow color with a small reflective patch on the back of the jacket. It is a windproof and waterproof jacket with an extra chest pocket to put your phone or another item in.

Although it is very bright in color it only has one patch on the back that is the actual reflective material that will shine bright when light hits it. I expected more reflective material on the jacket, but because of the very bright material and the patch of reflective material on the back, it is still effective at getting you seen.


  • Very stretchy- The jacket is 85/15 polyester and spandex. Because of the stretch material, it is extremely comfortable.
  • Great On Bike Fit- The hem is a drop hem that goes down extra far on the back to keep the cold wind from sneaking in.
  • Windproof & Waterproof- When cycling the wind becomes a problem especially in cold weather. This jacket does a good job of keeping the wind and moisture out.


  • Reflective enough to get you seen at night.
  • More comfortable than most cycling jackets.
  • Keeps out the wind and water.


  • A bit expensive
  • Not as reflective as some other models


Although the limited reflectivity bums me out a little bit, it is adequate for cycling at night. The comfort and windproof/waterproof features more than make up for the lack of more reflective material. It is a bit more expensive than the cheap models, but if you are a serious cyclist who often goes out at night, couple this jacket with some reflective ankle and wrist bands and you will be happy with the results.


Best Reflective Running Jacket- BALEAF Men’s Cycling Running Jacket Waterproof Windbreaker Reflective Lightweight Windproof Bike Jacket Hooded Packable

The Baleaf Cycling Running Jacket is an extremely lightweight reflective jacket that is best suited for running as opposed to cycling. It is vented with a caped back and has a hood as well. It is the standard bright yellow color we are used to seeing in reflective gear. It will not offer much in the way of keeping you warm, but it will get you seen if you are running at night, and it will also keep you cool with the vented feature.

It has a few more reflective surfaces than the previous jacket on this list, but I wish it had even more. The windbreaker is also waterproof which comes in handy if you are running in the rain. Because it also has a hood you will be able to keep your head dry on your run.


  • Lightweight Polyester- It is constructed of 100% polyester which keeps it lightweight.
  • Waterproof- The fabric will keep out rain and other moisture you encounter on your runs.
  • Breathable- It has a caped back which is a slit in the outer shell and is backed by nylon mesh.
  • Reflective- It has some small reflective stripes, and the logo is also reflective.


  • More reflective than some other choices
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Has a hood to cover your head when it is raining.
  • Breathable so you never get too hot.


  • Seems expensive for what it is.
  • Will not provide too much warmth.


The Baleaf jacket is a good choice for night running. It is lightweight and waterproof and has just enough reflective material to get you noticed in low light. It is not meant as a warm jacket, but if you are actively running, it will keep you warm and safe.


Best Warm Reflective Cycling Jacket- Przewalski Cycling Bike Jackets for Men Winter Thermal Running Jacket Windproof Breathable Reflective Softshell Windbreaker

The Przewalski cycling jacket is a thermal full zip reflective jacket designed to keep you warm and reflect incoming light. It comes in multiple color options and has a similar form factor to the first jacket in the list. It is warmer than the Baleaf jacket above, but it is also a bit heavier. It does have some vented areas like under the arm to allow some air to escape and come in.

It has a tall collar to keep your neck warm and is designed to fit snugly. It is a good middle-of-the-road cycling jacket doing the job of a reflective jacket while also keeping you warm.


  • Vented and Moisture Wicking- It has vented material under the arms and the fabric is designed to soak up moisture keeping the jacket from getting wet with sweat.
  • Windproof- Like any good cycling jacket, the Przewalski will deflect the wind while you are cycling, which will reduce the drag caused by riding.
  • Stylish- Of the jackets reviewed here, this one has the most attractive design, fashion-wise. You will look good while wearing it.
  • Reflective- It has a reflective logo on the chest area, and a reflective strip on the back with a spell-out logo as well that is reflective.


  • A warm jacket with moisture-wicking will keep you warm and dry.
  • Reflective areas on the front and back of the jacket so you can be seen from both angles.
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Multiple color options


  • May be too warm if you are working up a sweat and it is not very cold outside.


This jacket makes the list for the best reflective jacket in the winter months. It has reflective features that will keep you safe while being a thermal jacket with fleece lining to keep you warm. It will give you the warmth you need (maybe too much) in cold areas while also blocking incoming wind. It is a good-looking jacket and does its job well. Like most of these jackets, I only wish it had more reflective surfaces to be more visible to passing cars.


Reflective Bands and Clothing Buyer’s Guide

There are quite a few options here to choose from when you are looking for reflective clothing to wear in low light. Many of them have different features and are designed for specific situations, so it can be confusing when trying to choose the right one. What should you look for?

What to Look for When Buying Reflective Clothing


The first and most obvious criteria to consider is how reflective the thing is? There are some that have small patches of reflective material while others have much more reflective surface area. Depending on how dark it is where you plan to run or cycle, and how much light you expect to encounter, you can decide how much reflective surface area is enough.

For example, if you run next to a busy road with many passing cars you may want to consider a bright color with as much reflective surface as possible so that the oncoming cars can easily see you. Since distracted driving is a massive problem these days with people texting, if you are near a busy street, it is important to take extra care to get something that has as much reflection as possible.

It is recommended in this situation to get reflective wrist bands even if you are already wearing a reflective jacket so that oncoming cars can see your movements.

On the other hand, if you are in more of a rural area where there are not many cars or streetlights, you will be able to get away with something that does not have as much reflective surface area since there is less chance you will be close to an oncoming car.

In this case, with less light coming at you, there is less light to reflect, so in the off chance a car or another cyclist does come along, it may be a good idea to wear an LED light-up bracelet so they can see you since there is not much light coming at you to reflect in the first place.


 Anything you put on your body is going to need to be comfortable. Especially when you are actively moving like when you are cycling or running. The clothing needs to move with your body and not cause any unnecessary resistance which can make you work harder.

All the clothing items on this list were checked for comfort so there should not be any problems with any of them. The one issue to consider is the weather conditions you plan to wear the clothing in. The wristbands and ankle bands can go with any clothing and the weather will not matter for those. However, the jackets are designed for specific conditions.

The lightweight windbreaker-style jackets will be good in almost any condition, but If you are out in the cold months with snow or rain, you should consider one of the warmer jackets. The lightweight vests are a great addition to any jacket since they are never reflective enough for my taste, and since they do not add much weight, I see no reason not to wear one on top of your jacket.

The whole idea is to be easy to see while you are out on your bike or jogging, and all of these will help you in that department. The key is to figure out the amount of reflection you need, which weather conditions you need to address, and of course how much money you must spend.


Price is always a big factor in any purchase decision. Luckily, most products covered here are quite inexpensive. The wrist bands and lightweight vests are not very spendy. The only items with any kind of hefty price tag are the jackets.

When looking at the jackets and considering the price, it is important to keep in mind that these are specialized clothing items that do a specific job. You would not want to be out cycling in a denim jacket, nobody could see you and you would get tired fast because it weighs so much.

You get what you pay for in the reflective clothing world. There are other options considered for this list that were not included because they did not have the quality. Sure, you can get a reflective jacket for cheaper, but it will not last exceptionally long and will be missing many of the important features.

When deciding which reflective jacket to buy based on budget, consider what the jacket will do for you and how much you will be using it. A good reflective jacket could actually save your life, so it will be money well spent.