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Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device Review

Among the sea of massage guns, few are the ones that truly stick out. The Theragun G3PRO is one of the most famous models currently and despite its slightly higher price tag, it is the go-to choice of almost every athlete and recovery specialist. In this review, we will take a look at its most notable features and see how it stacks up against its countless competitors.

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Overview & Features

The main reason why the Theragun became the face of massage guns these past few years is not only because of its unique design and recognizable shape but because it is also uniquely adjustable and extremely efficient at what it does. Let’s start with a brief overview and move onto its design now…

Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device Overview

Our Rating: (5/5)

  • Unique and recognizable form factor and design
  • Very powerful motor
  • Two frequencies
  • Comes with six heads
  • Very quiet
  • Comes with an extra battery pack
  • Hard travel case

Design and build quality

The design of the Theragun is one of its most iconic features. This triangle-shaped massage gun changed the way massage guns were advertised to the masses and is now being copied by most other cheaper brands thanks to its convenience. The whole point of the triangle design was to help with different pushing angles when the head rotates. The adjustable head/arm is actually the other revolutionary feature here. It allows you to attack different angles with the massage gun. All of the three holding angles are covered by a carefully designed handle that makes sure the G3PRO can be easily gripped from all sides. And while the gun can be held at various angles and in different positions, it still is a bit bulky and requires a bit of getting used to at first. It also has a good amount of weight to it which is thanks to its superb build quality. As a whole, in this price range, only the TimTam massager gets near this amount of performance and quality without sacrificing much of the rest.

The G3Pro weighs around 3.1lbs which isn’t a lot but the normal G3 and Liv versions weight 2.7lbs and 2.5 accordingly, which makes them much easier to use around your body.

Head adjustability

As I already mentioned, the head of the massage gun here can be adjusted at 4 different angles according to your needs and the angle of attack that you want to use on your muscles. That, combined with the three-handle design allows you to easily push on various soft tissues around different areas of your body. All of the adjustment levels have a solid click to them and are sturdy enough to push against when they are in each step.

Percussion & Attachments

The G3Pro has a max application force of 60lbs combined with a 16mm amplitude of the head. It also works at two different speeds – 40 PPS and 29 PPS (percussions per second). These conditions create the perfect massaging effect on your muscles. What supplements this even further are the six different heads that you’re getting with your gun. Those are:

  1. Dampener – This head is designed to work on the soft tissues around your bones. It works perfectly for hands and the lower parts of your legs.
  2. Standard ball – The standard ball is quite versatile and is used generally on all sorts of tissues and for all types of massages. It is great to warm-up the massaged area before you move on to other heads/balls.
  3. Large ball – The large ball is similar to the standard one but is better suited for large muscle groups like the quads or glutes.
  4. Wedge – This attachment is ideal for your shoulder blades.
  5. Thumb – The thumb attachment is good if you want to massage and relax your lower back muscles. It is also suitable for trigger-point therapy.
  6. Cone – The cone is just as good as the thumb for point therapy, even better. It is used by professionals for narrow zones.

What’s in the box

With your Theragun G3Pro package, you will be getting:

  • The percussive massage gun
  • 6 different professional attachments with a separate pouch
  • Hard-shell travel case
  • Two interchangeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Access to the Theragun App

While most other massage guns come with a similar set of accessories, the production quality of the case and massage heads here is a notch higher than other models like the LifePro Sonic Handheld massage gun.

Ease of use and portability

When it comes to practicality, portability, and ease of use, there are hardly any other massage guns out there that can rival Theragun’s models simply due to their unique form-factor. While the G3Pro is a bit heavier, the normal G3 is quite practical and can be carried easily in its travel case. The Liv is even lighter and easier to use around your body.


In terms of the noise, it is significantly quieter than other massage guns and much quieter than older Theragun models. Theragun actually redesigned the gearbox and motor for the G3Pro, making it 50% less noisy.


This is a department where the Theragun G3PRO definitely struggles. However, a lot of high-powered and tough massage guns barely outlast 1-2 hours with their batteries, while the cheaper and more appealing (and weaker) models brag with their 6 hours of battery life. While this one here won’t work for more than 75 minutes on a single charge it will deliver all of its performance without holding back, while the others will be much gentler for those 6 hours.

The G3Pro also comes with 2 interchangeable lithium-ion batteries which are very handy for people who travel and want an extra battery pack with them.

Other Variations

The Theragun also comes in two more variations – the G3 and the Liv. All of the three models have the same design but the G3 and liv have less force and fewer attachments. The Liv also works with 1 speed only and has a smaller battery life than the G3Pro and G3. All of the three versions weight within 0.6 lbs of each other and have the same amplitude. If you want to get the same high-level build quality but for less money, the G3 is a great option. I’d recommend the Liv to anyone who doesn’t need anything heavy-duty and just wants a well-build massage gun.

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the G3Pro…

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Unique form factor and design
  • Very powerful motor
  • Two frequencies
  • Comes with six heads
  • Very quiet
  • Comes with an extra battery pack
  • Hard travel case


  • Not a great battery life
  • Very expensive

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Our Rating: (5/5)

As a whole, there aren’t many massage guns out there that combined the level of practicality, configurability, and convenience the Theragun G3Pro brings to the table. Despite being a little bit expensive, it is an excellent value for your money and comes with all the necessary accessories to make it a worthy companion on your journeys. The massage gun is powerful, quiet, and can work at all angles and body zones. The only major disadvantage compared to its competition is that its battery life is reduced. To counter that, though, Theragun includes an additional battery pack with your purchase. Overall, I rated this percussion massager five out of five stars.